Solutions for Chronic Conditions

At RegenOhio, we offer healing solutions for a range of chronic conditions.

Chronic knee pain resulting from injury or osteoarthritis can be very painful and often unrelieved by conventional treatments or medications.  Knee pain often results from chronic wear and tear to the joint.  This directly changes the size of the joint as well as the ligaments, tendons, and bones surrounding the joint.  The joint space will decrease and will allow for adjacent bones to rub together resulting in grinding, popping and swelling.  Bone spurs and accelerated degeneration occurs as the process advances.


Injuries to the meniscus, cartilage, ACL or MCL ligaments can also result in chronic pain and loss of mobility. 


Chronic knee pain resulting from degenerative changes, such as osteoarthritis as well as from injury, can be improved with the use of stem cells and regenerative medicine. 

Strong research has been completed that proves mesenchymal stem cells are effective in successfully caring for elbow pain involving the joint, tendon, and ligaments. Once stem cells are administered, they activate dormant natural growth factors and stimulate the body's own stem cell production to increase.   Conditions that involve the elbow such as tennis elbow, arthritis, golfer's elbow, and other conditions can benefit from the world's most advanced regenerative therapy found through stem cell products.

Foot pain results from repetitive trauma, overuse and injury. Traditional treatments typically involve steroid injections, physical therapy, ice treatments, shoe inserts, and surgery.  Before the advent of stem cell injections, people were left with little hope when traditional therapies would fail.  Mesenchymal stem cells provide an innovative method to deliver care that enables people to literally get back on their feet.  As tissues are regenerated and repaired, the need for traditional therapies may be eliminated. 

Chronic pain to the hands affects every aspect of daily living.  Arthritis of the hand, thumb, and injuries to the hands can affect people of all ages, especially those who perform repetitive actions.  The joints in the hands are small and tend to wear and degenerate quickly with overuse, leaving the person with painful, disabling, and reduced range of motion.  Numbness can occur as the tiny nerves in surrounding the joints become inflamed.  Stem cell therapy can be directed to a specific area of disease.  Because these cells are undifferentiated, they will be transformed into a specific cell that is needed to stimulate the body's dormant stem cells that are located in the area.  This allows for a combined effort that will guide recover and foster healing. 

People suffering from chronic hip pain can benefit from the non-surgical care option afforded by mesenchymal stem cells. Hip pain that occurs from injury, arthritis, bursitis and other degenerative diseases of the joint can be extremely debilitating, and patients often face conventional care options that involve invasive dangerous procedures that are costly and require months to recover.  The regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties of the stem cells can repair damaged tissue, tendons, joints, muscle and even bone.  By concentrating stem cell to a certain area, the body can begin to heal naturally over time. 

Back pain is a common disabling condition that affects millions of people over their lifetime.  Degenerative disc disease of the spine is the greatest reason for chronic back pain.  Conventional care modalities of steroidal injections, fusions, and rod insertions have been used for decades in a poor attempt at management of spinal disc disease. Stem cell injections are a revolutionary form of care that enables the patient to decrease pain, improve sleep, and allow for improved quality of life.  Stem cell delivery is essentially non-invasive, with little to no down time, and no risk for side effects.  Stem cells allow the body to heal and recover through regeneration while boosting the immune system. 

The shoulder joint is a very complex joint and requires extensive surgery and painful recovery with conventional medicine.  When the shoulder has been damaged through arthritis, injury, overuse or degeneration, mesenchymal stem cell injections can offer an alternative plan for patients. Stem cell abilities to recover and rehab joints, tissue, muscle and bone makes them an excellent choice where other procedures have failed or the risks involved are too great. 

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